Sightread Like a Pro Workshop with Jennet Ingle

Get past the page and into the MUSIC, fast.

Are you CONFIDENT in your reading skills? Or do you rely on LUCK when you are sightreading?

How’s that working for you?

Is this you? Even though you have been playing for a long time, you still find yourself making silly mistakes when you read – double- or half-timing, forgetting accidentals – and you get lost when it seems like all around you people are effortlessly proceeding through the piece and making music. You are always nervous when you are reading because you don’t know when your next colossal mistake might strike, and EXPOSE you. And it’s so easy for you to lose the sense of where you are and what is happening. Sometimes it feels hopeless. You can’t get back on because you have no idea where ANYONE is. You freeze, or you guess, or you mentally beat yourself up, saying horrid things. 

Even though you have prepared your part, you aren’t sure what it’s going to sound like before you play. It doesn’t feel effortless to visualize phrases and tunes. And the most frustrating part is that you know you SHOULD know how to do this! 

You’ve been taught this before. 
You know the rhythms and the notes, and you can play your instrument.

Why does this keep HAPPENING?

Sightread Like A PrO

Get past the page and into the MUSIC, fast.

 Jennet is a natural teacher, and you can tell that she is passionate about the oboe and about helping people succeed.  –Kimberly Grundvig

  • Meter (and how Dr. Seuss can be your best friend)
  • Rhythm – twos and threes and fours, oh my!
  • Visual Grammar – an essential understanding that you can practice OFF your instrument
  • Internalized note reading
  • Finger memory for keys and chords
  • Playing the SHAPE instead of the notes
  • Seeing patterns
  • Phrase structure and how to sound musical the FIRST time through
Jennet Ingle Playing Oboe
  • Stepping stones – notes, intervals, and motives
  • Cadences – where the MUSIC rests and so can you
  • How to practice this skill
  • Why some pieces are harder to read than others and why that’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

Being part of a community of oboists, with a teacher who learns about each of us and adjusts to our learning styles created an atmosphere of belonging. — Donna Peterson


Hi, I’m Jennet Ingle! When I began my performing career, I assumed that the only way to be prepared was to learn and play EVERY NOTE in my practice room, sometimes with a recording, to make sure I’d know how it went. This did not actually keep me from messing up in rehearsals.

I didn’t trust the page, or my own ability to deliver what I saw!

I’ve been a professional performer and educator for over 25 years now, and during that time my reading skills have improved, as you would expect. But I had a huge realization a few years ago, when my family was in turmoil from a major health issue.

I had to sightread at EVERY GIG for six months, and it was ABSOLUTELY FINE. Nothing bad happened, and no one could tell how much I was struggling.

This is because the notes on the page made SENSE to me. I could read as easily as if I was reading a children’s book, with expression and feeling, and I never made the same mistake twice.

This is what it means to read like a pro, and I can help YOU to do the same!

Is this for YOU?

This program is for players of single-line instruments who want to get past the DECODING phase of music reading and into the good stuff.

It’s for you if you’ve ever felt like THE WEAK LINK in your ensemble or section because everyone else seems to catch on faster.

It’s for you if you’re ready to move from note-reading into COMMUNICATION.

It is not for sightreading BEGINNERS – if you are looking at sheet music for the first time, or counting lines and spaces to guess what your note is, you should just keep doing that, and work with your teacher. 

If you understand what you are seeing on the page but struggle to IMPLEMENT it in real time – yup, this is for you.

It’s DEFINITELY for you if you are a little nervous about showing up live in a group. My groups are safe and loving, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn from other people’s questions, and how much you can contribute! We’ll be able to address your issues, in real time, as they come up. You’ll make new friends – and I promise, you’ll feel less alone in a room full of people working on the same skill.

We’ll meet for five weeks, LIVE in a Zoom Room

Our 60 minute calls will be held Tuesdays at noon EST, starting February 27.

Week one: Meter and visual grammar

Week two: Rhythm and internal pulse

Week three: Internalized note-reading and patterns

Week four: Horizontal motion, cadences, and shapes

Week five: Dynamics, accents, articulations, and final practice ideas

Why NOW?

You can fast track your progress on this crucial skill! It doesn’t have to take 25 years of work in the industry, like it did for me, or a degree from a major conservatory.

You’ll get it! 

Jennet is so willing to meet you wherever you are and work on the things that you’re having trouble with and help you become a better and more confident oboist. — Ted Harrison


Videos Only – $197
You’ll receive the recording after each class, so you can work through the materials on your own.

Live Classes, 5 Weeks – $394
I’ll guide you through the framework LIVE and answer all of your questions. You can submit challenges from your own repertoire for us to consider, enjoy group accountability and support, and make new friends!

VIP – $788
Add two private sessions to look at your specific sightreading challenges or coach on your own topics.

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