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I can create a playing reed from shaped cane in 3 minutes. I can rejuvenate a reed that feels nearly dead. I can take a reed that someone else made and refine it to my comfort level. I can adjust one of my own reeds to suit a new acoustical or environmental situation. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that much efficiency and competence?

I enjoy making reeds, and I love to teach. Whether it’s a friendly Reeding Circle or a more intense ten hour Reed Boot Camp, I am ready to help you improve your speed, competence, and comfort.  For those who aren’t local, I have a Reed Repair Service – analysis, help, and advice from a distance!

In the past I have exclusively offered opportunities to work with me live in person, but beginning in 2020 I’m changing that.  The internet is a magical place, the technology exists, and I can help you no matter where you are.  Email me to schedule a call – let’s see how we can work together to uplevel your oboe or reed skills!

In Person Reeding Circles:

Social Reedmaking!

I offer “Reeding Circles” in person once or twice a month.  Bring your own tools and materials, or use mine.  Bring reeds in progress, or bring blanks, or bring a knife and a willing smile and we’ll start from scratch.  Oboists are social creatures – we should embrace that!  

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Check out Reed Repair Shop #1: Anthony!

Reed Repair Shop!

Maybe you are making your own reeds. And maybe you are not having as much success as you would like.  I can help. Send me one or three representative reeds that you have made and don’t love. I will look at them, give you my impressions, work to improve them, and capture all of this process on video for you to see. When I send them back to you, they will be improved, diagnosed, and you’ll have the advice you need to take you forward!

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Oboe Reed Boot Camp/EXTROBOE

Oboe Reed Boot Camp is an intensive 10 hour day camp experience that takes place in South Bend, IN, on the lovely campus of St Mary’s College. The EXTROBOE Experience is an enhancement to Boot Camp – adding masterclasses, chamber music, and oboe crafts to fill your weekend out with oboe education and fun.  Reedmakers and oboists at all levels are WELCOME!  

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Recent Boot Camp participants wrote:

ORBC was an invaluable experience — the perfect culmination to learning from Jennet’s reed-making videos. I started playing oboe and making reeds 35 years ago but life got busy, and I only seriously re-started playing oboe a year ago and making reeds this summer. Jennet has helped me come a long way in a very short time. At ORBC, I especially appreciated the hands-on assistance with my technique — I knew from the videos basically what to do, but the in-person interaction helped me to execute it so much better. Jennet, and her co-teacher Erica, have demystified reed-making for me. It really is possible to make a reed that plays better for me than any professionally made reed I’ve been able to find. The time trials were confidence-building — two days in a row, I succeeded in making a reed from winding to playing a two-octave scale in about 14 1/2 minutes! Knowing that I can pick up a reed (in fact a lot of reeds!) any time that will actually play with good response, appropriate resistance, relatively stable pitch, and a nice tone makes playing the oboe so much more enjoyable! And I find working on reeds fun and satisfying — a therapeutic break in my day. Thanks Jennet and Erica!!! 

Candy Gunther Brown, Ph.D.

Professor of Religious Studies, Indiana University

Before arriving in South Bend, I was not a knowledgeable or practiced reed-maker but after the two-day, intensive Boot Camp to which I travelled from Canada, I feel much better equipped to build in what I want to hear in my reeds. Jennet and Erika both demonstrated an extraordinary combination of teaching skills and performance ability.  The teaching at Boot Camp was creative, and for learners included working with others on reed-making, as well as a variety of games to keep us hopping (partnered reed making, time trials, and challenges). Whether in reed-making, teaching oboe, or instrument repair on the fly, Jennet is a master diagnostician.  It was a congenial, social, group of people of varying abilities: Erika and Jennet handled with aplomb learners from beginner to advanced including reed-making teachers. I now feel confident making reeds, in fact, I enjoy it. I doubt very much that anyone has ever been to a Boot Camp which is such fun!

I can now make a reed from scratch in less time than it used to take me to adjust (badly) a fully finished store bought reed.

…I loved the individual working time. It gave me a chance to feel like I know what reed style worked for me and gave me my own little sense of accomplishment.

I enjoyed the individual time that you spend with us and the unlimited amount of supplies. I also loved listening to oboe music all day long! I had a wonderful time!

The ORBC is life changing. I was on a plateau with reed making until I attended the reed camp for the first time last year. Jennet and Erica’s straight forward and creative approach changed my own playing, teaching and reed making – a no fussy approach!!! I use to spend hours on reeds, and now, I am able to spend more time practicing with the ability to make a reed in a short amount of time. I love their descriptive terms – chimney, gutter, rooftop,etc. It finally makes sense – I now love to make reeds, due to their reed camp!!!!

Kathy Beatty - Ontario

Oboe Reed Boot Camp was a wonderful experience! The teachers gave expert guidance that I could try out instantly. Because I could make another reed using what I learned, I felt like I began to understand what I was doing in a way I didn’t previously. I feel much more confident about making reeds! And it was fun!! Jennet and Ericka were kind, encouraging, and enthusiastic. They LOVE the oboe and making reeds! I highly recommend Oboe Reed Boot Camp!

I found the whole experience very helpful. Viewing the others’ reeds, and yours, and talking about issues as they occurred was instructive as was trying to diagnose and remedy problems in our own and others’ efforts. The group experience in this way is more rich than a private reed-making lesson.

Reed boot camp was an excellent learning opportunity. Your approach to reed making was methodical and step-by-step, resulting in a working reed, and the ability to diagnose shortcomings in reeds that can be adjusted and fixed. I enjoyed working with other reed makers and the team spirit that resulted in. You gave thoughtful feedback that helped fixed problems without making student reed makers feel foolish.

EXTROBOE was better than I dreamed it would be. I loved making music with other oboists. We had great discussions about playing techniques, and I came home with much to think about and to practice. No matter the playing level, the experience was positive and nurturing. The teachers and the participants were friendly and helpful. Having two teachers gives you different ideas on how to be successful. I am so glad I went. I didn’t want it to end!

I really loved the boot camp and want to come back next year, but you did such a good job that I don’t know if I’ll need to! I went from not being able to make a reed i would play on to hopefully never having to buy a reed again. 10/10 highly recommend

Between my job, family, musical groups, and other obligations I never seem to have enough time to practice and also work on reeds. Oboe Reed Boot Camp gives me a chance to create a big batch of reeds that will last me for months so I don’t have so much stress about reeds. When else can I spend 12 hours over 2 days just focusing on oboe and English horn reeds! I loved meeting so many different oboe players from all different backgrounds, of all ages, and all skill levels.

Boot camp gave me a lot of confidence to continue reed-making on my own.

I have worked on a reed or two nearly every evening since attending the Reed Boot Camp and with greater success I feel more confident in my reed making/adjusting abilities

Loved your Oboe Reed Boot Camp this weekend. Wonderful to meet other oboist at all levels and ages. Fun discussing oboe/EH reed issues. Exchanging knowledge and solving reed making problems was so helpful.