I see you, my creative friend. You are professionally trained. You have been taught to seek excellence on your instrument, but now that you are achieving that mastery you find yourself … bored.  Limited.  Spread TOO THIN.  Your income from performing is ultimately capped – there’s an inherent CEILING on how much you can earn. You might feel like there’s not an avenue for you to seek more artistic progress, more authority, more impact, more MONEY. 

The steps between where you are and where you want to be seem enormous, and the attempts you’ve made to bring in more students or more gigs have been scattershot and mixed. You have a sense that there’s a bigger possibility out there for you – that there’s MORE for you than this –  but you just don’t know where to begin.

It doesn’t have to be like this! 

In The Happiest Musician Accelerator,
I’ll teach you to create both income and authority!

We’ll help you to identify your MISSION – the thing that YOU can offer to the world.

We’ll get clarity on the MONEY – how you can make more of it. They say money can’t buy happiness, but it sure is difficult to be creative, engaged, fulfilled, and thriving without it. 

And we’ll demystify the steps and processes of starting a new income stream, and get you in MOTION.

This program is a path to a stable, secure and fulfilling musical career because your artistry MATTERS. I can help you bring the message that is in your heart out into the world, grow as an artist, and get PAID for it.  You can do this in a way that is analog, and heart-centered, and doesn’t feel icky or gross to you or to others.  I promise! 


I am a performing oboist, principal with the South Bend Symphony Orchestra. I have a six figure reed making business, I run group programs for oboists across the globe, I host the podcast Crushing Classical, and I literally wrote the book on being The Happiest Musician

I used to believe that if I just practiced MORE, if I just worked HARDER, I would be DISCOVERED, and then blessed with the kind of job that would surround me with inspiring colleagues, motivated students, and financial abundance.

After a while, it began to occur to me that that Job in Shining Armor did not actually exist – and then I realized that I was building that life for myself, every day!

My portfolio career has allowed me to be financially comfortable – and MORE to the point, I feel artistically fulfilled and I can bring a feeling of presence and JOY to all of the things I do. 

I have AGENCY, the ability to control and direct my business, my projects, my schedule, my artistry. 

And I have a clear PURPOSE – I have so much clarity now on what I want to do in the world and what I want to see.

I want to see YOU THRIVING!

Jennet Ingle | The Happiest Musician

This is for YOU if you:

  • Were taught to be excellent at your craft but NOT how to make a living with it
  • Know that there is something bigger out there for you, but can’t seem to make it happen on your own
  • Feel like you are working CONSTANTLY but can’t quite get ahead of the bills
  • Want to UNCAP YOUR INCOME without selling out

What’s in the program? 

  • Weekly zoom classes,  (Mondays, April 15-July 15)
  • Monthly group Q/A calls (some Thursdays/Fridays)
  • Handouts and Worksheets
  • Replays available forever
  • Group voxer support (pocket coaching from me and support from your colleagues, response time within 24 hours!)
  • Environment of excellence and inspiration
  • 2 private coaching calls (scheduled at your convenience)

  • We’ll look at the mindset and identity shifts you’ll need.
    (“Who am I to help other people? Who am I to say these things?”) 
  • We’ll look at YOU, and how your superpowers can help others – and why that’s a crucial part of a fulfilling artistic life!
  • We’ll look at the nitty-gritty of money management, pricing, and negotiating.
    (“Why do I need a business account? What is profit? What happens if I have to pay more taxes??”)
  • We’ll talk about offer design.
    (Who is it for? What is it for? How do you create the transformation?)
  • We’ll talk about VISIBILITY, about marketing, about audience building. We’ll investigate your Imposter Syndrome.
    (I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!)
  • And we’ll look at LAUNCHING your project into the world!

Full Program:

Three months of live classes, group Q/A Sessions, group Voxer support, AND two 1:1 calls over the program duration $2000 

VIP Access:

Live classes, private Voxer support, ongoing content feedback, and biweekly private coaching with me! This is for you if you are ready to make a big change, FAST, with me walking right by your side. $5000

Auditor Only:

Attend all 12 classes, participate fully while you are present. No additional group or 1:1 support. $1200

Not sure it’s for you? Let’s talk, or email!

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