Low Hanging Fruit Workshop


Are there some tweaks you could make – in the things you are ALREADY DOING – that might make them more enjoyable, spacious, or lucrative?

I’m not suggesting that you start a WHOLE NEW THING, or turn into a DIFFERENT PERSON.

Rather, what might make your current life as a working musician A LITTLE BETTER?

What is the Low-Hanging Fruit here? What small changes could be super impactful for you?

Let’s find out together. September 28 at 1 pm EST OR October 1 at noon EST. I hope to see you there!

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As a working musician, you are SO talented and hard-working, you do SO many things, and the money comes in from SO many sources – so why do you feel so stretched and frantic?

Sometimes you are so busy being the LABOR in your life – doing the work you are called to do – that you forget that YOU CAN CHOOSE.

You are the CEO of your business, the business of YOU.  As the CEO, it’s your job to set a vision and move your business toward it.

And any good CEO will bring in a consultant from time to time to take an outside look at how things are running and what efficiencies could be found.

(Spoiler: you are the consultant, too!)

I’ve been thinking about these intersections of money, time, and JOY for years in my own portfolio career, and literally wrote the book on being The Happiest Musician.

In this stand-alone interactive workshop, Your Low-Hanging Fruit, I’ll help you to identify some small changes you can make RIGHT AWAY to make your life, your work, and your finances JUST A BIT better for you.

I’m running it twice, because I think live attendance will be REALLY beneficial for you.

The Low Hanging Fruit: Be a Happier Musician

  • September 28, 1pm EST
  • October 1, 12 pm EST

I hope to see you there!

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