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Reed making is a social activity! Sign up for my weekly Reed Club, my upcoming Zero to Reedmaker beginner course, or my live summer Oboe Reed Boot Camp.

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    Oboe Reed Boot Camp is an intensive weekend experience that takes place in South Bend, IN, on the lovely campus of St Mary’s College.  We’ll make tons of reeds, and break up the days with  masterclasses, chamber music, and oboe crafts to fill your weekend with oboe education and fun.   

    This camp is oriented to adults. Reedmakers and oboists at all levels are WELCOME! 

    2024 Dates:
    August 9-11 2024, Friday 1-5 and Saturday/Sunday 10-6

  • Start your Reedmaking Journey

    Zero To Reedmaker is an online course which helps oboists to easily make playable American Scrape reeds.  I’ll DEMYSTIFY the process and help you through each step with a self-paced, rewatchable video course and a supportive Facebook group.  At the end of this course, you should be able to make a playing reed from shaped cane in under 30 minutes – probably well under – and adjust it to your comfort. 

    This course is available to you at any time. 


    Videos Only $300– Self-paced course.  I’ll share all videos and handouts at the start of the program and you can take it from there!  Cane and staples are an optional add-on. A private Facebook group will be open to you for support.

    Full course $450 – You’ll get immediate access to those videos and handouts, the Facebook group, AND six weeks of Reed Club sessions where I can answer YOUR questions in real time, look at your scraping technique, demonstrate skills, and share encouragement, ideas, and reedmaking philosophies. 

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    Inspiring Fall warmup sessions! Every day at 11 am EST,  live on Zoom. We will go through some Long Tone Meditations, improvisations, scale work, sightreading, and duets, all with modifications built in for the level that you are at.  All are welcome.  (APOLOGIES to my West Coast friends!  I know it’s early. If you can’t join us live I can have replays in your inbox by 12:00 EST)

    Next session:
    October 30-November 3, 2023

    Reed Classes

    Warm Up Your Warmup

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  • Watch the Webinar

    Are you a reedmaker? An oboist, bassoonist, or single reed player?

    Are you longing for more money in your pocket every month? Are you feeling frustrated and limited by the gig scene?

    Do you feel overwhelmed at the idea of selling reeds?  Are your reeds even good enough?  What will people think?  After all, you came into this field to make MUSIC, not run a business…

    I can help you. 

    In this 60-minute introductory webinar I’ll offer some structures and some helpful hints to EMPOWER you to get started!

    You’ve missed the live webinar, Friend, but you can still purchase the replay right here.

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    Sometimes you just need some advice from a non-judgmental expert.  Send me one or three reeds, and I’ll improve them and tell you how.

    Reed Classes

    Reed Repair Shop

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    Social Reedmaking!

    Reed Club is the Zoom version of your college reed room – or the reed room you WISH you had had in college!   We meet every Monday at 6 pm Eastern so you can work socially on your reeds with a group.  You can show me your reed, crow it, turn your camera so I can watch your scraping technique.  I can lecture, or demonstrate, or we can hold Reed Hot Seats – whatever you need – and we can do it all with company but from the comfort of our own homes.   It’s the next best thing to actual human contact!

    Join us next Monday, for a few months (cancel anytime), or a full year!

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    Are there some tweaks you could make – in the things you are ALREADY DOING – that might make them more enjoyable, spacious, or lucrative?

    I’m not suggesting that you start a WHOLE NEW THING, or turn into a DIFFERENT PERSON.

    Rather, what might make your current life as a working musician A LITTLE BETTER?

    What is the Low-Hanging Fruit here? What small changes could be super impactful for you?

    Let’s find out together. September 28 at 1 pm EST OR October 1 at noon EST. I hope to see you there!

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