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I recently met with a former student who proudly described THE reed she was working on to me.  She’d gotten it to a point where it made a beep, but it didn’t really play on the oboe yet, but it hadn’t cracked.

IT HADN’T CRACKED!  I celebrated with her – but I limited my glee.  One slightly successful reed – in the past month – is a good start.  It’s further than she had gotten before.

But that is no way to be abundant.  If it takes you a month to sort of make one reed, where’s the incentive to even start? No one has that kind of time, and you can’t make your living on one reed a month even if it’s a perfect reed.

More to the point – the learning curve at that rate is basically a flat line.  Reedmaking is an art as well as a craft.  I can teach someone to construct a reed in a single session, and we can get to a beeping reed in that time. But the next part? The part where you finish it to your comfort and then go out in public and play on it?  The part where you analyze what you don’t like, form a hypothesis about how to fix it, try that, and fail a bunch of times before you succeed? That’s really on you, and it takes EXPERIENCE and practice to get there.

I don’t know actually how many reeds I made before I started making adequate ones.  Before I started actually playing on my own, and not my teacher’s.  That statistic is lost to time. I don’t remember what my numbers were like, but I started learning in 9th grade.  The summer after 11th grade I was on my own, by circumstance not choice.  My reeds were not good at that time but I could get by on them.  Since then it’s been a continual process of iteration.

Does it have to take two and a half years to learn this skill? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

But can you get there on one reed a month? ALSO NO.

Make more reeds. Make more reeds.  Make more reeds.

I want to help. Oboe Reed Boot Camp WILL happen in the summer of 2021, live and in person, August 13-15.

But if traveling to Indiana to sit in a room with people doesn’t sound like your jam this year, I have an online course – Zero to Reedmaker – which will start on August 24, 2021.  You can make reeds! I can help.

2 thoughts on “Make More Reeds”

  1. HI Jennet! the Zero to Reed maker sounds great for two of my students. I had started them with adjustments, but then the virus hit….. If I am not back and forth to PA, I will be signing up for August reed club in lieu of boot camp.

  2. Wonderful! I'll make sure I get info out about Zero to Reedmaker as soon as I create it – and you're welcome in Reed Club anytime.

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