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I can create a playing reed from shaped cane in 3 minutes. I can rejuvenate a reed that feels nearly dead. I can take a reed that someone else made and refine it to my comfort level. I can adjust one of my own reeds to suit a new acoustical or environmental situation. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that much efficiency and competence?

As you know, I offer not only reed making  mastery but a deep experience and understanding in working with oboe technique and musical training for players at all levels, and I combine the two to work together to share with YOU the complete picture that all oboists need.

I enjoy making reeds, and I love to teach. Whether it’s a friendly online Reed Club, a more intense ten hour Reed Boot Camp, or my signature program The Invincible Oboist, I am here to help you improve your efficiency, competence, and comfort.

In the past I have exclusively offered opportunities to work with me live in person, but beginning in 2020 I’m changing that.  The internet is a magical place, the technology exists, and I can help you no matter where you are.   Schedule a quick call – let’s see how we can work together to uplevel your oboe or reed skills!

Oh, and do you just need some numbers and objective ideas for your reedmaking? Pick up my FREE Reed Structure Checklist right HERE!

Reed Club

Reed Club is my answer to Social Distancing.  We meet every week, online, in a live Zoom video room, so you can work socially on your reeds with a group.  You can show me your reed, crow it, turn your camera so I can watch your scraping technique.  I can lecture, or demonstrate, or we can just chat – whatever you need – and we can do it all with company but from the privacy of our own homes.   It’s the next best thing to actual human contact!

Computer with Oboe thread

Reed Repair Shop

Maybe you are making your own reeds. And maybe you are not having as much success as you would like.  I can help. Send me one or three representative reeds that you have made and don’t love. I will look at them, give you my impressions, work to improve them, and capture all of this process on video for you to see. When I send them back to you, they will be improved, diagnosed, and you’ll have the advice you need to take you forward!

Reed Repair Shop

Oboe Reed Boot Camp/EXTROBOE

Oboe Reed Boot Camp is an intensive 10 hour day camp experience that takes place in South Bend, IN, on the lovely campus of St Mary’s College. The EXTROBOE Experience is an enhancement to Boot Camp – adding masterclasses, chamber music, and oboe crafts to fill your weekend out with oboe education and fun.  Reedmakers and oboists at all levels are WELCOME!  

Oboe Reed Boot Camp

Zero to Reedmaker

2020 is not a year for live events. I have created an online course for beginning reedmakers, and it starts on August 17!

Zero to Reedmaker is a six-week online course, combining video lessons with a supportive facebook group and live zoom sessions. You’ll experience:
• Weekly live Q/A classes, in real time on Zoom
• High quality, clearly filmed videos of all techniques, available to watch and rewatch
• Checklists, diagrams, and written directions
• Private, warm Facebook group.  Safely post your questions, your reed photos, your videos trying things out
• Access to my quarter century of experience as a professional orchestral oboist, soloist, reedmaker, and teacher

Computer with Oboe thread

Oboe or Reed Online Lessons

Maybe a group program is not right for you – perhaps you have a really specific goal, like an audition or a concerto performance.  Maybe you are not comfortable in a group.  Maybe you want my UNDIVIDED attention on your reeds, your playing, your air and tension issues.  I can help you.  I have decades of experience working with oboists at all levels, and I’m very comfortable using technology to dig into YOUR issues.  Hit me with a call or an email to talk about what you need- we can design a personalized plan to get you to your goals.

The Invincible Oboist

The Invincible Oboist is a selective online group coaching program that helps oboists to find the ease and joy in their playing once more.  Through this program you’ll go from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with the basic STRUGGLE of the oboe to feeling confident and having the mental, physical, mechanical tools to succeed and get into your Oboe Zone. 

In weekly group classes, we separate out and explore all of the various aspects of oboe playing and artistry – Air, Embouchure, Vibrato, Articulation, Reeds, Dynamics, Tension, Fingers – and apply them to your OWN playing and your OWN needs.  This program includes plenty of individual attention through one-to-one lessons, Reed Repair Shops, and a warm and supportive private Facebook group.  

Book a call with me to see if The Invincible Oboist is the right next step for you – or email me to join the waiting list for info about my next session! 

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