Warm Up Your Warmup


Inspiring Fall warmup sessions! Every day at 11 am EST,  live on Zoom. We will go through some Long Tone Meditations, improvisations, scale work, sightreading, and duets, all with modifications built in for the level that you are at.  All are welcome.  (APOLOGIES to my West Coast friends!  I know it’s early. If you can’t join us live I can have replays in your inbox by 12:00 EST)

Next session:
October 30-November 3, 2023

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Here’s what a quality warmup can do for you:

– It can get you physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to tackle your instrument
– It can give you a detached, non-anxious way to work on the consistency of your basic skills, like articulation, vibrato, connection on the air
– It can uplift you and leave you feeling great all day long!

If I only have 45 minutes to practice, I’ll spend 15 on warm-ups. If I only have 15? I’ll spend them ALL on warmups. I am passionate about this.

But it sometimes feels like SUCH a drag. You don’t WANNA play long tones. You’d rather just go straight into the fun stuff!

What if warmups could BE the fun stuff?

Join me for a one week warmup intensive. We’ll do long tones, scales, sight-reading, and duets for five days in a row, and I promise you’ll leave each session feeling like a million oboe bucks!

Monday 10/30 Ease
Tuesday 10/31 Voice
Wednesday 11/1 Balance
Thursday 11/2 Foundation
Friday 11/3 You ARE the Music

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