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Have you played Britten’s Six Metamorphoses After Ovid?

These great pieces are fairly familiar. You may have practiced or performed them, you’ve definitely heard them before.  Whether they are OLD HAT to you or brand new discoveries, I promise we can find something in them to ENRICH your playing, your thinking, your SUMMER. 

I recommend this work whole-heartedly to oboists studying with me – I love these movements musically AND pedagogically. 

In fact, I believe that each movement has something specific to teach us about our oboe playing and musicianship, and I believe that these learnings are FULLY transferable to other repertoire and deeply enriching to your playing as a whole! 

I invite you to take six weeks with me this summer to dig into this staple of our repertoire. We’ll explore these movements interactively on zoom – there will be some discussion, opportunities to play and be coached live, and some group playing (safe behind your mute button).  You’ll leave with practice tips both specific and generalized, with a list of crowdsourced repertoire relevant to the skills you learned, and a deeper understanding of the greatness of this foundational work. Oh, and new oboe friends, which is the WHOLE POINT of summer camp, right? 

Here are the details:
We’ll meet at 5pm EDT on June 14, 21, 28, and July 12, 19, and 28. Each session will be around 90 minutes and will cover one movement of Britten’s Metamorphoses. 

Come to one session (Try it out!) or the whole delicious shebang! The VIP package adds 1 private session with me, scheduled at our mutual convenience, AND Reed Club each Monday evening from June 19-July 24!

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Who wants a summer project?

Britten Fest is for any oboist who has played or considered playing Britten’s Six Metamorphoses After Ovid AND who wants to continue to learn and grow artistically with a community of like-minded people!

We will look at the Benjamin Britten pieces through a lens of storytelling, figure out what we have to do to most effectively tell the stories – and then extrapolate from that to see how THOSE skills are transferable to our other playing and how we can generalize the concepts! 

You will be entering a community of creative, inspired musicians at all levels, who will support your artistic growth and be your friend all across the globe! 

You will leave with new skills in your toolbelt, CONTEXT for how to use those skills in the world, a collection of new repertoire to explore, a wide-open mind and heart, and new oboe friends!

What I am offering here is not available anywhere else.

I’m a performing oboist, I have decades of experience working with oboists at all levels, and I have performed and taught this seminal work dozens of times.  

BUT this is not about me. I believe that the power of a group can elevate these works for all of us. I’m not going to hold you down and teach you MY way of playing them, I want to hear YOUR opinions and YOUR experiences, the teachings YOU’VE collected about these pieces, and what YOU hear in them. 

Classes are held at 5 pm ET. I will provide replays, because NO one is available all the time, but you’ll have the most fun live!

  • Wednesday, June 14, 2023: Pan
  • Wednesday, June 21: Phaeton
  • Wednesday, June 28: Niobe
  • Wednesday, July 12: Bacchus
  • Wednesday, July 19: Narcissus
  • Friday, July 28: Arethusa

I hope to see you there!

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