Oboe Staple


Consistent, useable 47 mm tubes for oboe reeds

NEW: My Jennet Ingle Reeds Custom staple!

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My basic synthetic tubes are JUST FINE. They are basic, but consistent and easy to use.  Younger students tend to prefer them because they slide easily in and out of the oboe.

The thinner-walled Chiarugi tubes offer a more immediate response and a more vibrant sound.

The JIR Custom staple is a handcrafted German silver tube with premium natural cork, and we’ve honed in on a custom bore that offers a warm sound, moderate resistance, and stable pitch up and down the instrument.


I just wanted to say… still in trial phase but first 3 reeds on your new staple design I ADORE. I had high hopes given that my usual suspects are Chiarugi 2+ and Chudnow, but so far, they exceed those hopes. The scale, ease of response, and projection without having to adjust my work much is just wonderful. Will continue experimenting, but I imagine ordering many more in my future.

I just am so pleased that I wanted to share. Thanks for your R&D, effort, and the confidence that you could put something better into the world. We are all better off for it.

– Brendon B.

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