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  • Oboe Reed Boot Camp


    Oboe Reed Boot Camp is an intensive weekend experience that takes place in South Bend, IN, on the lovely campus of St Mary’s College.  The EXTROBOE Experience is an enhancement to Boot Camp – adding masterclasses, chamber music, and oboe crafts to fill your weekend out with oboe education and fun.   Reedmakers and oboists at all levels are WELCOME! 

    2021 Dates:
    ORBC August 14-15, 2021 9-5
    EXTROBOE August 13 12-6, Aug 14 9-8, August 15 9-5

    PLEASE NOTE. This is a LIVE, IN PERSON experience. We will be taking COVID protocols and social distancing into account, but we will be indoors and this experience is group based and we will be playing oboes together.   At this time, only FULLY VACCINATED people will be allowed to enroll, and we will ask for proof of COVID vaccine.  If this won’t work for you, I invite you to look at my ONLINE reedmaking course, Zero to Reedmaker, or to consider joining us live in 2022.

    Note: Advancing and Beginning categories address your REEDMAKING skills only. You could be an Advanced player but a Beginning reedmaker, in other words.   Beginners will start with learning to wind, basic knife skills, and reed construction steps. They will move more slowly.  Advancing Reedmakers will begin by making reeds, and will evolve and improve their existing skills over the weekend as they work with me, my Guest Master Reedmaker, and each other.

  • Zero to Reedmaker


    Zero To Reedmaker is an online course which helps oboists to easily make playable American Scrape reeds.  I’ll DEMYSTIFY the process and help you through each step with a self-paced, rewatchable video course and a supportive Facebook group, OR a combination of video content and weekly live group calls in which we can talk about YOUR specific problems.  At the end of this session, you will be able to make a playing reed from shaped cane in under 30 minutes – perhaps well under – and adjust it to your comfort. 

    This six-week course begins with emailed video lessons in August of 2021.  90-minute live classes will be held on Tuesdays, and recorded for rewatching. 

    Registration is now closed.  Watch for a new session in Spring of 2022!


    Videos Only $277– Self-paced course.  I’ll share all videos and handouts at the start of the program and you can take it from there!  I’ll include three dozen pieces of cane – consistently gouged and shaped to my high standards- and 15 synthetic cork staples – a $165 value!  This should enable you to boldly experiment and LEARN!  The Facebook group is open to you for support for six weeks.

    Full course $497 – You’ll get immediate access to those videos and handouts, cane and staples, the Facebook group,  AND a weekly email guiding you through the curriculum, and six 90 minute live zoom sessions where I can answer YOUR questions in real time, look at your scraping technique, demonstrate skills, and share encouragement, ideas, and reedmaking philosophies.  

    VIP level $797 – includes all of the above and adds two 1X1 sessions with me during the course and one full month of Reed Club membership at the conclusion of ZtR to support your reedmaking journey. 

  • Warm Up Your Warmup


    Inspiring FALL warmup sessions!  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 am EDT,  live on Zoom. We will go through some Long Tone Meditations, some scale work, and some sightreading,  ALL safe and socially distanced, all with modifications built in for the level that you are at.  All are welcome.  (APOLOGIES to my West Coast friends!  I know it’s early. If you can’t join us live I can have replays in your inbox by 12:00 EST)

    Next session:
    September 27-October 8, 2021

  • Reed Club


    Social Reedmaking!

    Reed Club is our answer to Social Distancing.  We meet four times per month, online, in a live Zoom video room, so you can work socially – and safely – on your reeds with a group.  You can show me your reed, crow it, turn your camera so I can watch your scraping technique.  I can lecture, or demonstrate, or we can hold Reed Hot Seats – whatever you need – and we can do it all with company but from the comfort of our own homes.   It’s the next best thing to actual human contact!

    Join us for the next four Mondays, or for the long term!